Are you troubled by Rockspace WiFi extender-related issues? There is no need to worry. We have got you covered. In this web page, we have provided you with your WiFi extender troubleshooting tips for various issues that you are facing with your device. Before you get to the troubleshooting section of the blog, we want you to know that you are not alone. There are many Rockspace wireless range extender users out there who have been experiencing and reporting issues with their devices.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

Just like every other technical device, your WiFi range extender is also prone to technical issues, which is expected. If you have got Rockspace WiFi extender setup done, then you must be aware of this fact. However, there are certain other issues that are caused due to the negligence of the users. Here, we have tried to draw your attention to the tips that you can proactively use to avoid and fix both types of issues.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Troubleshooting [Issues & Solutions]

1. Unable to Complete Rockspace Extender Setup

  • Check the power supply to the Rocksapce wireless range extender. It should be non-fluctuating.
  • Ensure having a stable internet connection while you are setting up your extender.
  • Connect the devices using a good Ethernet cable.
  • In case the devices are connected wirelessly, place the devices close enough.
  • Make sure you are following the correct steps to complete the setup process. You can take help from the user manual.
  • Put to use the updated computer (laptop) and an updated browser to execute the setup process.
  • Double-check the web address and the login credentials after typing them.

2. Can’t Access the Extender Login Page

  • Make zero mistakes while entering the login details (web address, username and password).
  • Avoid using the search bar to input the web address.
  • Use an updated web browser to access the extender login page.
  • Update your PC before you are trying to log in.
  • Ensure a stable power supply and a non-shaky internet connection.
  • Temporarily disable Antivirus software and firewall on your PC.

3. Getting Poor WiFi Signals from Rockspace Extender

  • Connect your extender to the host router securely.
  • Bring it closer to the host router.
  • Place your extender at the centermost location of the home and place it higher.
  • Keep it away from WiFi interference causing devices and objects.
  • Disconnect extra devices from the extender’s network.
  • Reboot it often.
  • Update its firmware to the latest version.

4. Rockspace WiFi Extender Firmware Update Not Happening

  • Connect the extender to an active and non-damaged wall socket so that it receives adequate power supply.
  • The internet connection should be reliable and high-speed.
  • Be vigilant while downloading the firmware file. Make sure that you download the correct file for the extender model that you own.
  • Do not interrupt the firmware update process.
  • Use an updated PC and web browser to execute the task.
  • Follow the correct steps to update the firmware.

5. Rockspace Extender Stopped Working

  • Check the connection between the Rockspace extender and the host router.
  • Verify the power supply to the extender.
  • Perform the reboot process.
  • Relocate the wireless extender.
  • Bring it near the router.
  • Make a wired connection between the devices.
  • Reconfigure the Rockspace WiFi range extender.

6. Can’t Do Rockspace WiFi Extender Reset

  • Make sure that your WiFi extender is connected to the wall socket and is powered on completely.
  • Push the correct button i.e. the Reset button on the extender.
  • Try to reset the extender by accessing its settings.

This is all about how you can perform Rockspace WiFi extender troubleshooting for some common issues with it. The steps that have been given here will help you out. However, if you are still stuck with any extender-related issue, then reach out to our experts for personal assistance. They will also help you to resolve the re.rockspace.local not working issue, in case it is troubling you.

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