Rockspace AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router

Do you wish to have access to super-fast internet speed in every corner of your house? Want to control your home network at your fingertips? Well, adding a Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router to your existing modem can help a lot. This entire page aims to make you aware of the features as well as the setup process of this amazing wireless home router brought in by Rockspace. Read on.

Reasons to Set Up Rockspace AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router

Before you learn how to install a Rockspace AC2100 wireless router, have a look at the reasons that prove its worth:

  • An AC2100 wireless router brought in by Rockspace is specifically designed for ultra HD streaming.
  • The router supports dual-band frequency bands thereby resulting in higher internet speeds.
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports let you access the internet on your wired devices whereas USB ports facilitate you to share content via the storage devices connected to your router.
  • You can easily manage your home network with the help of an Android or an iOS device.
  • Coming to the best part, Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router setup can be performed easily via the web GUI or a mobile application.

Now that you’ve learned the reasons why you should get yourself an AC2100 smart wireless router brought in by Rockspace, let us take a step forward and discuss the process to set it up.

Rockspace AC2100 Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup via Web GUI

The first method of Rockspace WiFi router installation involves a web browser. In this method, one needs to access the re.rockspace.local web URL to set up the home wireless router. Given below are the instructions that will help you install your wireless device via its web GUI:

  • Before anything else, set up the hardware of your router. It includes connecting antennas and the power cable to their respective ports.
  • After that, you should consider connecting your router to the existing modem either with the help of a wired or wireless source.
  • Now, get access to a computer or a laptop and run an internet browser. FYI, any web browser out of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. can be selected.
  • Move the cursor to the URL field and input re.rockspace.local into it. Be sure that you do not input the web address into the browser’s search box.
  • Pressing the Enter key will open up the Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router login window for you. Here, you have to enter the requested details.
  • Once you’re done filling in the admin info of your wireless router, you can proceed by clicking the Log In button.
  • The smart setup wizard or the web GUI of your wireless router will appear with some instructions. Follow them to complete the rest of the installation process.

Ta-da! You just completed the installation process of your AC2100 router via its web GUI. Although the steps discussed above will suffice to help you with the router setup process, however, if you find them difficult to execute, our experts are always there to guide you.

Rockspace AC2100 Router Setup via RS WiFi App

The second method that can be employed to install a Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router is the use of the RS WiFi app. FYI, it is a mobile application that is programmed keeping in mind the aim of managing the Rockspace router WiFi network at the fingertips. Here are the instructions to follow to set up the AC2100 router via the mobile application:

  • Create the required connections between your WiFi devices and unlock your Android smartphone.
  • Get the RS WiFi app installed on your Android mobile.
  • It can be done via the Google Play Store.
  • As soon as the RS WiFi app is ready for work, launch it.
  • Create your Rockspace account.
  • Thereafter, input the admin information of your Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router to log in to it.
  • A few instructions will appear on the dashboard.
  • Follow the instructions one after another and let the AC2100 router setup process get completed.
Rockspace AC2100 Router Setup via RS WiFi App

The above-mentioned instructions were written taking Android users into account. However, if you own an iPhone, the app can be installed from the Apple App Store. Additionally, there’s a little difference in the router installation process via an iPhone. In case you want to know about those instructions, our experts are always ready to lend a helping hand to you.

What After Setting Up Rockspace AC2100 WiFi Router?

There’s too much on the list that needs to be done after installing a Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router. Given below are a few settings that can be tweaked once you’re done with the setup process of your router:

  • You can bind your Rockspace AC2100 router with the Rockspace account for the remote management of your wireless network.
  • The routing settings can also be tweaked after the completion of the router setup process. Some of these settings include- Internet Info, WiFi Name, and Password, Reboot, Login Password, Blacklist, LED Control, etc.
  • You are also free to make the most of your Rockspace network via the smart functions available on the app. The Accelerate WiFi, Guest Network, WiFi Schedule, Security Check, and Remote Wakeup are some of the router’s smart functions.

Want to Know More?

We’ve tried to put the maximum information regarding a Rockspace AC2100 smart Wi-Fi router on this page. With that said, we are expecting that you’ll be able to set it up and manage your home network perfectly. However, if you want to extend the network range of your AC2100 router, get in touch with our team to know advanced techniques. You can also consider performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup to extend the freshly created network by your router.

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