Rockspace AX1800 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter U1A

Rockspace AX1800 wireless dual band USB adapter U1A, equipped with next-generation WiFi6 technology, helps to deliver blazing-fast network speeds. With a Rockspace U1A USB adapter, you can get up to 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 1201 Mbps on 5 GHz network speed along with less network congestion, which makes it ideal for online gaming, HD video streaming, online conferencing and web surfing, etc. This very web page is meant to take you a walk through the specifications as well as the installation process of the Rockspace AX1800 U1A wireless dual band USB adapter.

What is a Dual Band USB Adapter?

A wireless dual-band USB adapter U1A adds reliable dual-band WiFi connectivity to your computer, tablet, or laptop. This wireless USB adapter is designed to allow WiFi access to computers that do not have built-in WiFi internet access. That means an existing WiFi network is needed for the adapter to connect to a computer. So, with this perfect accessory for your computer or laptop, you get greater speeds and a wider range for your home wireless network. Now that you know what a USB adapter is meant to do, let us get to know its features.

Rockspace AX1800 Wireless USB Adapter U1A: Features

Dual Band WiFi 6

Rockspace AX1800 U1A USB adapter uses next-generation WiFi 6 (802.11ac) technology delivering better speeds and a wider network range.

USB 3.0

Rockspace AX1800 U1A adopts USB 3.0 standard for faster and more efficient data transmission with speed up to 10 times better than USB 2.0. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

Adjustable 5dBi Antennas

U1A comes with 2 external adjustable 5dBi antennas helping it receive signals from farther away and giving the best possible reception and convenience in all kinds of environments.

Advanced WPA3 Encryption

It has advanced and superior WPA3 encryption providing better protection of the data.

Drive-Free Installation

Rockspace U1A includes a built-in driver that makes it easy to be installed. You do not need a CD-ROM drive to get it installed. Directly plug it into your computer and get it installed in an easy way.

This is all about the features of a Rockspace AX1800 WiFi USB adapter U1A, it is now time to head towards its installation process.

Rockspace AX1800 Wireless USB Adapter U1A: Installation

Here is an easy step-by-step installation process for your Rockspace AX1800 wireless USB adapter U1A:

Step 1: Power Up the Computer

Commence the installation process by first powering up the computer or laptop. So, press the power button on. In case you are using a laptop, make sure that battery is charged or else plug in the battery adapter to the power socket to charge the battery.

Note: If there is an already installed wireless USB adapter, then the existing wireless adapter driver needs to be uninstalled. So, do that immediately.

Step 2: Plug In the U1A Adapter

Now, plug in Rockspace AX1800 wireless dual band USB adapter U1A in the USB port of your computer or laptop. Make sure you properly insert the USB device.

Step 3: Final Installation Steps

You have come to the final step in the Rockspace AX1800 U1A installation process.

  • On your computer, double-click on the This PC icon. You will find this icon on the desktop of your computer. If it is not there then first you are required to add it to the desktop and then continue with the setup or installation process.
  • After that, click on the rock space option.
  • Now you need to double-click on the Setup.exe file and follow the prompts to complete the wireless USB U1A installation process.

Once the installation process is done, access the WiFi network on your computer that you want and enjoy the seamless internet. So, if you have a Rockspace range extender installed using re.rockspace.local, then you can access its network now.

This is all about how you can install a Rockspace AX1800 wireless dual band USB adapter U1A on your computer. Although the entire process is very easy if you feel stuck at any point during the installation, then contacting our technical experts will be a better option.

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